Be part of our first courses

We are expecting high demand for our free courses on July 7th at Ahoy! Berlin (Wattstr. 11, 13355 Berlin. AHOY Showcase). Please fill in the following details to register your interest. We will choose the students who our course leaders feel will get the most value out of their courses. We will get back to you asap to tell you whether your application has been successful.


Schedule for NextGen Academy 7th July:

Subject to last minute alterations

9am - Registration

10am - 1pm:

1.) Penetration testing of embedded technology (Michael Schloh von Bennewitz)
2.) Thinking in Actors - Introduction to actor systems and actor based thinking/design (Dr. Rory Graves)
3.) Virtual reality in the web (with WebGL/WebVR) and User Interfaces (Massimiliano Mantione)
4.) How to develop a personalised machine learning-based application (Angelos Kapsimanis)
5.) Introduction to Swift development (Pedro Piñera Buendía)
6.) Introduction into Kubernetes (Thomas Fricke)

1pm - 2pm - Lunch
2pm - Registration
3pm - 6pm:

1.) Discovering Docker - Introduction to Docker (Mathieu Buffenoir)
2.) How to build a reactive distributed application using Scala and Akka Clustering and Immutable Data structures (Patrick Di Loreto)
3.) How to create a scalable data analysis environment (Alistair Crossling)
4.) Introduction to Continuous Integration anda practical exposure to Jenkins (Sandro Cirulli)
5.) Deploying production infrastructure and Docker containers in AWS (Kevin O'Riordan)

Please Note: If you are taking time away from the workplace to enjoy one of our courses, it is advised you plan to take off half a day.