“Establishing Berlin as a centre of technical excellence”

NextGen Academy will be a full-time technical school, located in the heart of beautiful Berlin. The idea is to create an interactive environment where experienced developers can learn the answers to complex questions, asked by the ever changing landscape of the technology industry. 

Once developers start to operate commercially, the opportunities to effectively learn about new technologies are often limited. Commonly, online courses do not provide the same optimum learning environment as live classroom settings. Offline workshops are often expensive and sporadic. 

NextGen Academy will focus on the possibilities and potential of available tools and how they can be used in harmony with each other. NextGen will provided courses that are relevant to the architectural challenges developers face daily.  Our Academy will be defined by the quality and depth of the courses we offer. 

NextGen Academy will run it’s first event 07 July 2016 in Berlin, Germany. Sign-ups for courses at this event will be completely free for students. Date, venue and teachers will be confirmed shortly. This event will be a pre-cursor to the official grand opening of the Academy in Autumn 2016.  This first event is being provided in order to gather feedback from students.

NextGen Academy will have some of the finest names in global technology teaching courses covering topics related to AngularJS, NodeJS, Swift, GoLang, Docker, IT Security, Scala, Big Data, MongoDB, Mirantis, Elasticsearch and “Pragmatic technical co-founding”. 

Each course will be 2-3 hours and have availability for up to 20 students. The course format will be a mixture of conversational seminars and practical workshops.


Opening Event @ 07/07/2016

The primary purpose of our first event is to see what we are doing well, and what needs to be improved. We are using this as an opportunity to gather feedback from attendees. This event will be totally free at Ahoy! (Berlin Wattstr. 11, 13355 Berlin. AHOY Showcase), and will showcase a carefully selected range of topics, taught by some of the finest names in European technology. It will enable us to test our unique format of teaching, which will be a balance between practical and conversational.'


Courses @ 07/07/2016

Penetration testing of embedded technology

Teacher: Michael Schloh von Bennewitz
Expertise: Network Security, Internet of Things, Embedded Design
Links: https://edu-europalab.rhcloud.com/

Thinking in Actors - Introduction to actor systems and actor based thinking/design

Teacher: Dr. Rory Graves
Expertise: Scala, Distributed System, Optimisation, Play Framework
Links: http://github.com/rorygraves

Virtual reality in the web (with WebGL/WebVR) and User Interfaces

Teacher: Massimiliano Mantione
Expertise: Nodejs, functional programming with Javascript, Virtual Reality
Links: http://massimiliano-mantione.github.io

How to develop a personalised machine learning-based application

Teacher: Angelos Kapsimanis
Expertise: Data Science, Data Processing, Statistics, Big Data Architectures
Links: https://twitter.com/akapsimanis

Introduction to Swift development

Teacher: Pedro Piñera Buendía
Expertise: Swift/iOS programming
Links: http://www.github.com/pepibumur

The Pragmatic Tech Founder

Teacher: Will Madden
Expertise: JavaScript, Ruby on Rails,Pragmatic Tech
Links: https://twitter.com/wmadden?lang=de

Introduction into Kubernetes

Teacher: Thomas Fricke
Expertise: GIFEE (Google Infrastructure for Everybody Else), Docker microservices, Google container registry
Links: https://github.com/endocode

Discovering Docker - Introduction to Docker

Teacher: Mathieu Buffenoir
Expertise: Devops, Docker, Cryptocurrencies, Network Security
Links: https://twitter.com/mbuffenoir

How to build a reactive distributed application using Scala and Akka Clustering and Immutable Data structures

Teacher: Patrick Di Loreto
Expertise: Functional Programming, Distributed System, Distributed Data Structure, Reactive Architectures
Links: https://twitter.com/wmadden?lang=de

How to create a scalable data analysis environment

Teacher: Alistair Crossling
Expertise: Data Science, Big Data technology, R software
Links: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alistaircrossling

Introduction to Continuous Integration anda practical exposure to Jenkins

Teacher: Sandro Cirulli
Expertise: DevOps and System Administration
Links: http://sandrocirulli.net/about

Deploying production infrastructure and Docker containers in AWS

Teacher: Kevin O'Riordan
Expertise: Docker, Scala, Personalisation, Microservices
Links: https://twitter.com/kevinoriordan